About Us

Upholstery Class History

The upholstery class was formed when the government withdrew funds for a non-accredited upholstery course in Adult Education.

A group of students were still very keen to pursue the subject of upholstery. I had the students, but not the workshop. After much searching, a suitable venue was found that would fulfill our needs, a well lit room, with plenty of workspace, car parking and some storage facilities.

In September 2006, the students were relocated to the Horwich Resource Centre, (now the Horwich Community Centre) and an independent group was set up.

In 2010 I also established Sewing & Garment-making classes which are weekly.

The class welcomes adults of mixed ages and abilities.

About Me

I have always been keenly interested in textiles, garment-making and soft furnishings, starting at the very early age of seven. When my daughters went to school I was eager to develop my existing skills and qualifications.

Denise teaching at the Upholstery ClassFor the next four years I studied City & Guilds Upholstery at college. This involved a great deal of historical research, design briefs, and the study of textiles. My tutor was due to retire and encouraged me to gain a teaching qualification. I was then invited by the college to tutor upholstery and soft furnishings, with additional classes in the community. I was also employed by a local charity running workshops for people of mixed ages, abilities and disabilities at outreach centres within the community.

I am enthusiastic about upholstery and delighted to pass my skills on to my students; it is very satisfying to see them create their own unique upholstery pieces.